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Ron and Nancy Gruner

Carter and Emma, 2022
Carter and Emma on the last day of school
June 2022
Lilly & Emma, 2023
Lilly and Emma at the Nutcracker Suite in Philadelphia
December 2023

Family and Friends Portal
Mother and Son, 1949
My Mother and me
Tonkawa, Oklahoma 1949
Chicago 1954
My Dad and me out on the town
Conrad Hilton, Chicago 1954

Personal Stories and Websites

Over the years I have been the founding webmaster on a number of websites including (American Society of Corporate Secretaries), (National Investor Relations Society), (Sugarbush Soaring Association), (The Bolton Town Fair), (International Cessna 195 Club), (Phenom Jet Association) and others.

Click to Open K4RHG: Back on the Air

Thanks to Wayne "Hud" Hudson (K5ZG), Bob Glorioso (W1IS) and Bill Churchill (SK) for encouraging me to get back on the air after 43 years when I was last a Novice amateur radio operator ("Ham") in 1969. My call sign was WN5QVX.

Hud's been a lifelong Ham since he was licensed in the eighth grade back in Ponca City, Oklahoma where we grew up together. Wayne told me it was time to get back into radio. Bob and Bill invited me to their club's Field Day which pushed me over the edge. A month later, I got my ticket on my birthday, July 14, 2012.

That's not Nancy and me in the photo, but John Karlson, a well-known Swedish Ham in the 1930s.

Click to Open Lilly Plays Love Thy Neighbor

Love Thy Neighbor is a favorite German card game of my good friends, Johann and Hans Peter, who have played the game for decades. Needless to say, they regularly beat me.

But now I have Lilly. After losing every night during a guys-only skiing trip I was aghast to hear myself exclaiming, "This game's easy. I could write a computer program that beats you!" Months later and after many hours of work, Lilly was born.

She doesn't always win, but she's better than I am. Try a game.

Click to Open Silent Giants: St. John's to Cabo

Occasionally life presents the opportunity to do something very special. For me that opportunity came in the summer of 1991.

I had spent 25 years designing high-performance computer systems: mainframes for General Electric in the sixties; minicomputers for Data General in the seventies; and supercomputers for Alliant Computer Systems, a company I had cofounded and for which I served as Chief Executive, in the eighties. By early 1991, I was ready for a change. Our story begins four months later just off the southwestern coast of Newfoundland...

Click to Open Wild and Crazy Friends

Chris and a six-foot rattlesnake...Mark and a college buddy at the 19,340 foot summit of Kilimanjaro...On her first parachute jump at Skydive San Diego in Jamul, California. Lisa jumped from 13,000 feet and enjoyed the long view down as she free fell at 120 mph for 40 seconds...John setting the Guiness World Record for riding the most rollercoasters in a 24 hour period...Paul flew across some of the most beautiful - and desolate - mountain terrain in the world...In 2003, Bob made his fourth Around The World Flight. Halfway through the Tarawa to Hawaii leg he passed just south of Typhoon Jimena...Johann has often flown in Sugarbush's wave. Some sailplane pilots have climbed as high as 25,000 feet.
Click to Open Phenom Jet Association

The Phenom Jet Association was founded in 2010 as an international organization to encourage the safe and efficient operation of Embraer Phenom aircraft, and fellowship among owners, pilots, operators and service-providers of these fine aircraft.

The Phenom 100 and 300 lead their classes in performance, range, efficiency and comfort. So it's not surprising that in less than two years nearly 100 Phenom aircraft are now flying in the United States alone.

Click to Open International Cessna 195 Club

In the sky our hearts beat faster when we admire the enduring loveliness of a particular airplane, which for one reason or another achieves the status of a standard of perfection.

The Cessna 195, Cessna's cabin class "Business Liner" possesses these qualities. A little before its time, already an antique, round engine and taildragger makes it instant nostalgia...Born in anticipation of a post-war aviation boom that never materialized, the 195 was the last of its kind.

Many Years Ago...

Click to Open 1997

The Internet was a cool place in its early days. People were trying all kinds of new things.

My first home page featured classic science fiction movies. Click on the image to the left to open it. Bandwidth was limited so images were kept small. Once on the homepage, click the link below the image for the movie sound clip. Refresh the page to view different movies, they're randomly organized.

Can you recognize all of them?

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