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Boeing B-17
Boeing B-17
at Payson, Arizona
Ron Kilber's Aviation Stories

"At 11 AM the clouds break and we can see the North Atlantic. Soon we're over clouds again, and a quick look at the GPS reveals that we are 145 nautical miles from the Scottish Flight Information Region (FIR) checkpoint."

Titanic Iceberg
The iceberg said to have sunk the Titantic

Fascinating background on icebergs from the International Ice Patrol. Would you have guessed the tallest iceberg on record was estimated at 570 feet, or that the largest ever recorded was the size of the state of Rhode Island?

St. John's Harbor
St. John's harbor
St. John's, Newfoundland

In 1583, Sir Humphrey Gilbert set out from England to establish colonies in the New World. When he landed in St. John's he claimed it as British. St. John's then became the beginning of the British Empire!

Southern tip
of Baja California
Baja California

Baja is home to some of the earth's most beautiful deserts, along with semi-tropical and mountainous regions, pine forests, and hundreds of miles of untouched beaches and coastline.

Aviation's Cyberhub

Connects almost every lift-generating web site on the net, from airports to flying clubs, organizations and publications to aviation events, home-building to airlines and many more.

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