Selected Audio Clips

Selected Audio Clips

N3485V Jacobs Radial Engine Starting

.au (323 KB)
.wav (164 KB)
.ra (30 KB)

Dwight Ewing Dwight Ewing
Discusses the Cessna 195

.au (596 KB)
.wav (302 KB)
.ra (55 KB)

Denny Craig Denny Craig On...
Atlantic Crossings
.au (1,929 KB)
.wav (976 KB)
.ra (176 KB)
Pacific Crossings
.au (1,949 KB)
.wav (986 KB)
.ra (178 KB)
Ditching Off Hawaii
.au (2,798 KB)
.wav (1,058 KB)
.ra (255 KB)
John Penney John Penney Describes
the North Atlantic Bugler

.au (840 KB)
.wav (425 KB)
.ra (77 KB)

John Egaas John Egaas Departs for Amsterdam

.au (818 KB)
.wav (414 KB)
.ra (75 KB)

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To listen to the above sound files, you need...
  • A 486/50 PC or faster PC (or Mac equivalent)
  • A Sound Card With Speakers
  • A 14.4Kbps Internet Connection
  • Either Netscape or Microsoft Explorer, Revision 2 or higher
  • For .ra files, the free RealAudio Player
Audio file descriptions:
.au = SUN
.wav = Microsoft ADPCM
.ra = Real Audio 3.0

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