Baffin Island 2002
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Gust K (from Utah) flying past iceberg that was trapped by Broughton Island.

Gust on short final to Kivitoo, an abandoned DEW site. Object in distance is iceberg 10-15 miles out in Davis Strait.

Iceberg amphitheater. Gust and I went out from 2230 - 0230 and had a great time in the midnight sun.

Same night - can you see a face in lenticular clouds? It was 45F on the ground and almost 60F at 3000F, great for taking pictures.

Cracks in ice - a lake on Baffin Island north of Iqaluit.

Mt. Thor is 4,000 ft curving beyond vertical. Gust - from Utah - was really amazed by the flight through Akshayuk Pass.