Akshayak Pass

'Auyuittuq' - The Land that Never Melts
Paul Nopper

The destination is not the reason, when you travel by small plane; the journey is the adventure. Preparation and planning can be almost as much fun as the doing, so in December 1999 I began to think about flying to Nunavut ("Noon-a -vut"), Canada's newest territory. Alaska, Yukon or the Northwest Territories have always been what we think of as the north, but on April 1st 1999 Nunavut was born when the Northwest Territories were divided. Nunavut is bounded on the west by a line, running north from the Saskatchewan Manitoba border, then northwest to the Arctic coast, and finally north again along the 110 degree of longitude to the North Pole. Nunavut is one fifth the size of Canada yet has a population of 30,000 and less than 20 miles of roads. The destination, flying my 1998 Aviat Husky, would be Baffin Island on the eastern side of Nunavut. My wife says she wants "none of it".
Route of Flight
Route of Flight

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